Night Against Procrastination – Fall 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
9:00 p.m. until midnight!
Lee R. Glatfelter Library
First year students earn 50 points for attending for at least ONE hour!
Sometimes it’s nice to study near other people . . . and not put off everything until the last minute! Catch up or work ahead – either way, join us in the library for hourly breaks and snacks and study until midnight. Held one night during both fall and spring semesters.

Poster advertising the Night Against ProcrastinationPhoto of Night Against Procrastination refreshement tableWe played our traditional game of “Autocomplete Balderdash” during our 10:15 break, using the prompts “Librarians are . . .” and “Why is . . .”

Of course, many responses for “Librarians are . . .” predictably included awesome, cool, nerds, and quiet, although one person said “watching.” Google’s top response, “Librarians are like unicorns.” Hmm . . .

Several people correctly guessed that one of Google’s top response to “Why is” would be “the sky blue”? Several of our students submitted the guess “Why is . . . Trump president?” while another student asked “Why is  . . . college so expensive?” Good question.

Deji Adeleye, joined by first-year students Kristen Jackson, Ryan Ward, and Ian Gordon, studying during the Night Against Procrastination


Photo of gift card winner

Antwane Outerbridge-Bey won the $25 Penn State York Bookstore gift card