Friday May 11th- Picture Update

We left Las Juntas this morning and made good time to Tiliran. Louis provided us with a talk on how Costa Rica produces electricity. This small nation is completely self sufficient. Hydro electricity is the main source of electricity for this country but they also create electricity using windmills and geo thermal technology. In this case the geo thermal source is volcanos!

97% of the residents in Costa Rica have electricity. The 3% that do not have electricity is the indigenous population that live in remote areas.

Another interesting fact Louis shared with us – 97% of the residents on Costa Rica can write and read! We are looking forward to learning more about the cultural influences such as education – and how they impact the overall health outcomes in Costa Rica!

Yesterday we enjoyed a stop at this beautiful beach! It was a welcome treat after long hot walks with the ATAPs in Las Juntas.

Yesterday we learned that many vaccinations are done in home.  Sometimes they are done in the clinic. At the Tiliran clinic students enjoyed seeing the room where vaccinations are administered in the clinic. ATAP workers Ana Yanci Ulate, Marcela Solano, Majorie Carmona Salazar, Jessica Lopez and  Olger Diez explain the basics to us.

It is always a treat to see the fresh fruit and vegetables readily available on the street.  This is a large part of everyone’s diet and certainly contributes to overall good health. 

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