Join us In Costa Rica in May, 2022

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED: The application for the Costa Rica trip has been opened!  Join us on this study abroad adventure through Exploring the Health Care System in Costa Rica hosted by The College of Nursing.  If you are interested in joining our 2022 trip to Costa Rica, please fill out the google form linked here. Details to follow via email. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you are a Nursing student, the College of Nursing would like to fund one student to join us in Costa Rica who otherwise would not be able to travel due to financial reasons. 

The application for the 2022 program is due January 24, 2022 but we will the program on a first come first serve basis.   The link to the application can be found in the tab above. There are no pre-requisites for this course. Drop off your hard copy in room 201 in the Nursing Sciences Building. Please email Celeste Newcomb at to let her know you dropped off an application.

On the trip, students will learn and see first-hand how health care is delivered in Costa Rica. In addition, students will meet with nurses, physicians, and other providers of care, along with policy makers and administrators, in an effort to learn how Costa Rica is able to achieve impressive health outcomes. The Learning Objective for this embedded program is for students to analyze information obtained on the trip and effectively present to others what they have learned and experienced. A highlight for many students in this program is the opportunity for independent research. In addition to the travel, this course requires class sessions and course work. In 2020, the student price was  $2,499, which included all student lodging, all food, and transportation to and from the base hotel in San Jose. Price does not include airfare or tuition. Most students obtain some type of support funding.  In the past, we have held a spring term one credit course to prepare students. The May term course with an embedded travel component will be two credits.

Please note, the official program beings on the first Monday of May term. All students should plan on flying in on the day before. We will hold a general orientation and review the schedule on Sunday, before the program begins on Monday. Please plan to be in Costa Rica by late afternoon on Sunday. Students should plan to be in Costa Rica from Sunday – Sunday.

If you have questions about the program, you can email me directly at

Updated October 14, 2020

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