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In 2019, the 1 credit course NURS 497 will meet in Pattee Library at University Park, One Button Studio in the Pattee Media Commons, W137 Pattee Library, Penn State University.  We will meet on the following dates from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm. The formal portion of class will take place from 12 noon – 1 pm. I am leaving 15 minutes before class and 15 minutes after class for student interaction. Class will be held Jan 7, Jan 9, Jan 16 and 17th. You are welcome to attend class via zoom. Sessions will also be taped.

If you need more specific instructions as to where Media Commons is located feel free to contact the Coordinator, Markus Furer, at 814-867-3695.

Below are links to the pdf files with the 2018 syllabus for the 1 credit course, NURS 497, and for the three credit course,  NURS 499. Please refer to these links to get information about the structure of the courses.

NURS 497 – Costa Rica Spring 2018 Syllabus

NURS 499 – Costa Rica Summer 2018 Syllabus

The College of Nursing will host the 2019 program, Exploring the Health Care System in Costa Rica May 5 – 12, 2019. Applications for the 2019 program are now being accepted.

On the trip, students will learn and see first-hand how health care is delivered in Costa Rica. In addition, students will meet with nurses, physicians, and other providers of care, along with policy makers and administrators, in an effort to learn how Costa Rica is able to achieve impressive health outcomes. The Learning Objective for this embedded program is for students to analyze information obtained on the trip and effectively present what they have learned and experienced to others. In addition to the travel, this course requires class sessions and course work. For 2018, the student price of the trip was $2,135, which included all student lodging, all food, and transportation to and from the base hotel in San Jose. This price did not include airfare or tuition. Most students obtain some type of support funding. The 2019 trip is expected to cost about the same amount. In 2019 we will follow the same model as we did in 2018 with a spring term one credit course and a May term three credit course. If you have questions about the program, please contact Celeste Newcomb at

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