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Students had the chance to meet with doctors, dentists, nurses, public health care workers and health care administrators while we were in Costa Rica.

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In the Children’s Hospital, this nurse was happy to show off a healthy newborn baby.


The symbol of the health care system in Costa Rica is a mother and baby. In Costa Rica, the bond between the mother and child is valued and greatly supported.

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The San Rafel Hospital had a beautiful butterfly garden for their patients to enjoy. Our visit there was also a highlight for many students.

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A favorite activity for many students was shadowing the public health care workers in the village of Los Juntas. In the below photo a patient is having her blood pressure checked outside of her home. She also received a flu vaccination. The public health care worker also made sure all of the children were up to date on their vaccinations.

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Most of the patients we visited with ate a very healthy diet consisting of rice, beans, protein and fresh vegetables. In the below photo you can see a car trunk filled with local fresh vegetables. People are able to buy vegetables right outside of their door.

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In the village of Los Juntas the community was building a skate ramp in an effort to keep their young population active and healthy.

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The public health workers took time to explain to us what they were doing after each home visit. They were very patient answering all of our questions!

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We enjoyed going on a home visit outside of the town of Los Juntas, and presenting the family with a walker. Durable Medical Equipment, such as walkers and wheelchairs are not given to patients for free in Costa Rica. This patient could not afford a walker, and he was very grateful. Thank you to Mount Nittany Medical Center for donating the walker and wheelchair.

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Rice and Beans are a normal diet, and we found them cooking on many stoves!

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In the mountain town of Monte Verde we learned about Tele Medicine and how a remote clinic functions.

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On our way to Mote Verde we enjoyed a scheduled stop at a local school where we donated some needed items.

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Students enjoyed learning about the economy and the importance of tourism in Costa Rica.

An optional activity was to learn about the cloud forest in Monte Verde by participating in a zip line adventure.

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