Bott Boi

This is the last week in the series of Food from Around the World, and today I’m talking about one of my favorite foods that I grew up on. If you said that this flag isn’t a country’s flag, you’re right. If you also said this is Pennsylvania’s state flag, you’re also right. Bott Boi […]

Bunny Chow

I’m back at it this week with another exotic dish from a new continent. As always, here’s your colorful hint. We’re traveling to South Africa this week to try a type of curry called “Bunny Chow.” A quick disclaimer to anyone thinking about the fluffy bunnies you see hopping around or even the Easter Bunny’s […]

Pineapple Lumps

Round three… gear up. This week we are headed down under to New Zealand. Now before I dive into this week’s treat, I have a confession. I. Love. Pineapple. Pineapple at Pollock dining common, pineapple on pizza (yes, I am a Hawaiian Pizza supporter), Pina colada popsicles, dried pineapple, you get the point. My boyfriend […]


It’s time for round two. Here’s this week’s flag. Yep, we’re headed north to Canada this week, for Poutine, or basically, French fries loaded with gravy and cheese curds. But where did French fries come from, and how did they become an iconic Canadian dish? Let’s dive in. Which country owns the pride of paternity […]

Pão de Queijo

It doesn’t take much to realize that the title of this post is not in English. And to figure out the language and country of this food. I’ll give you the flag of the country. If you guessed Brazil, you’re right. Pão de queijo translates to ‘bread of cheese’ or ‘cheese bread’ in English. But […]

Bobby Flay

In the previous weeks, I’ve discussed four of my favorite people in the culinary world to date. Now it is time for the fifth and final Culinary Creator and Changer: ladies and gentlemen, the man I grew up watching on TV, Mr. Bobby Flay. Born and raised in New York City, Flay fell head-over-heels for […]

Gordon Ramsay

Previously, I’ve talked some chefs who have stepped into the limelight while wearing their chef jackets, such as Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse III. This week, the chef walked away from his jersey, put on a chef jacket, then stepped into the camera. Many people recognize his controversial personality immediately. I’m talking about Gordon Ramsay. […]

Emeril Lagasse

Before I start talking about this week’s awesome chef, here’s a story of my childhood. I was always that person who was the first one asleep and the first one awake. On weekends, I would wake up between 5 and 6 am. so I could watch TV without my parents knowing. I would make myself […]

James Beard

Last week, I talked about my favorite inspiration, Julia Child. This week, I want to talk about one of her role models: Chef James Beard. Beard grew up eating fresh berries and fish, as well as other fresh meats and produce, due to his family’s financial status. He took an interest in the hobbies of […]

Julia Child

Imagine yourself walking home from your stressful job. You walk into the kitchen to see that your partner is cooking dinner for you – a delicious stew called boeuf bourguignon (beef bore-gin-yawn). This French beef stew is married with fresh farm mushrooms, meat straight from the butcher, and enough butter to last you the week. […]