The Black Crowes

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Beginning in 1984 under the name Mr. Crowe’s Garden, brothers Chris and Rich Robinson came together to make music. They picked up drummer Jeff Sullivan and recorded their first demo in 1987, and later switched to Steve Gorman to take over the drumming duties. As the Black Crowes, in the year 1990 they released their first album, Shake Your Money Maker, receiving multi-platinum certification. A hit song on that album, She Talks to Angels, is a person favorite of mine. This song is so personal and has such a deep meaning that hit the heart of everyone who listens to its lyrics. It tells the story of a loved one who has a special connection to god is is just an all-around perfect person. The singer has such a connection to this person that causes the listener to even feel as though they know her.

Led Zeppelin Guitarist joined the band for a tour with The Who during the summer of 2000. the guitarists were changed as Greg Rzab joined the group for the tour. The group released the album Lions which peaked at number 20 in the Billboard charts.
The Black Crowes continued to take short leaves followed by returns to tours leading up to 2013. Eventually in the year 2015 the band officially went their separate ways to to a dispute between the Robinson brothers. It was reported that they couldn’t agree on the ownership of the band as well as business and financial decisions regarding the group.

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My favorite aspect of The Black Crowes is their down to Earth aspects that allow their lyrics to truly connect with the listeners and fans. Chris Robinson, who does the vocals, has a natural talent for connecting with the audience. The Black Crowes have been considered to be one of the best live rock bands to make music. The ways in which the band mixes acoustic rhythm with the hard rock in songs such as Twice as Hard. Their music has a distinct taste and sound to it that was a popular choice for the era of the 90’s, and even in today’s society.
Recently Chris Robinson did an interview with the Rolling Stone in which he talked about how he is ready for the band to get back together and play as a group again. He spoke of how he listens to their previous hits and wishes he had the guys back together to do it all again. When the band experienced their fallout in 2013 the brothers stopped speaking to each other and went their separate ways and made their own music. Chris talked about how he wishes he could restore the relationship with his brother and get passed what happened, but is just too busy to see it happen. It appears as though the chances of a reunion are slim to none.
Overall, The Black Crowes are a band that have experienced it all. A slow beginning, peak fame and fortune, and a slow spiral to a breakup. This harsh ending certainly does not take any credit or respect away from their music. The group was able to create a distinct sound that was loved and desired by so many during the decade of the 90’s and into the 2000’s. From She Talks to Angels to Hard to Handle, the musical and lyrical talents of the group are put on full display. My only wish would be to have the chance to go back and see a live performance of their Shake Your Money Maker album from start to finish. As this seems like more than a long shot, I suppose I’ll have to settle for the recorded versions on Spotify.

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