“In my business, NGO and academic careers I have attended many residential training sessions. Typically, you enjoy them as an intellectual stimulus and a break from normal work, then forget them within a week.  ALA is a bit different. The follow up from the staff and the subsequent virtual learning sessions truly do reinforce the residential sessions, and those residential sessions were just excellent. I appreciate having a variety of external trainers covering all the material I find myself grappling with on a day to day basis.  And of course the networking with other academic administrators is invaluable, if only to know that you are not alone in your daily concerns!”

Peter Walker

Dean, Falk School of Sustainability and Environment, Chatham University

“My experience at the Penn State Academic Leadership Academy was money and time well spent.  Coming from a small community college in southwestern Kansas it was extremely beneficial to have the opportunity to learn from and interact with other higher education leaders from across the country. Whether a four-year, two-year, for-profit, nonprofit, private, or state-funded university or college many of us face the same challenges and obstacles. It was, therefore, a tremendous opportunity for me to meet so many wonderful professionals from across a plethora of systems and colleges and learn what they are doing and how they are doing it. There is a myriad of challenges facing the world of higher education institutions. However, after participating in the Penn State ALA, I feel that I am better equipped to meet those challenges and move my people towards positive change and increased educational outcomes.”

Ryan Ausmus

Dean of Instruction & Outreach, Dodge City Community College

“The Penn State University Academic Leadership Academy is a solid investment for all who attend. As a student affairs professional, I was curious as to whether this academy would further my knowledge of the student affairs, as well as academic affairs, and the business of higher education. I can personally attest that this program did that, and more. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn from seasoned higher education professionals, discuss current issues and trends occurring within our profession, and develop new relationships with like-minded professionals, then this program is for you.”

Dr. Mordecai I. Brownlee

Vice President of Student Success, St. Philip’s College

“I found the ALA’s on-site sessions to be informative and immediately useful to me and I learned something valuable in each of the virtual sessions as well.  My experiences with the ALA, combined with my own prior work experience, gave me the necessary confidence and know-how to be competitive for new positions.”

Dr. Michael Sosulski

Provost, Wofford College

“The Penn State Academic Leadership Academy is an excellent opportunity for rising leaders in academia to gain a higher-level understanding of how all the changes, forces, strategies, and human elements in higher education are all interrelated, and will help those leaders develop new skills for their career development and the success of their institutions. It’s a wonderful learning experience!”

Peter Miller

Chief of Staff, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, University of the Sciences

“My experience at the 2016 Academic Leadership Academy was very positive. The sessions were both interactive and instructive. I very much enjoyed meeting colleagues from across the country with an interest in pursuing leadership in higher education.”

Ralph Gigliotti

Assistant Director for Leadership Programs, Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, Rutgers University

“The Penn State Academic Leadership Academy has been a tremendous professional experience. It afforded me to step outside of my institutions to take an elevated look at issues in higher education and engage in dialogue from a variety of viewpoints. I would highly recommend the academy because of the collegial discussion, networking with professionals who are in similar positions experiencing similar issues, and diving into research related to the discussion topics. The presenters were high-caliber professionals who brought different leadership styles to the forefront for examination and professional reflection. I would highly recommend those who want to be academic leaders at their institutions or prepare for leadership to participate!”

Janice R. Moore, Ed.M.

Dean of Students, Central Pennsylvania College

“Attending the 2016 Academic Leadership Academy was the highlight of my year. Not only was it informative and a great professional networking opportunity, but it exemplified the best in teaching strategies that we college educators love. The speakers were engaging, utilizing case studies, personal experiences and interactive challenges that inspired us and forced us to create solutions in unique but effective ways. The gathering of conference participants from different leadership positions provided great diversity in perspective that challenged us to think creatively in problem-solving. It epitomized what we experience every day on our campuses–a spectrum of voices that represent distinct viewpoints. Yet here, we learned practical strategies on how to move our campuses and departments beyond the differences and forward together. Every higher education administrator should attend the Academic Leadership Academy. I’m sure glad I did.”

Angela Bartee

Development Coordinator, School of Education, College of Willam & Mary

“When I first arrived at the Academic Leadership Academy I did not know what to expect. I was greeted by friendly people and all my questions were answered. The lectures were informative and insightful. I made contacts with college presidents, provosts and chairs from around the country who shared their knowledge and life experiences. I also made friends that I am corresponding with in regards to similar issues we are facing in academia. I recommend this leadership academy to anyone interested in learning or wanting to be an effective leader!”

Charles Drago

Professor, Eugenio Maria De Hostos Community College & Chair, Allied Health Services, City University of New York

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