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Talking about New Style can get pretty confusing, mainly because it is such a new “style” of hip-hop and it doesn’t have any set technique really. However, it is a dance style, and it is the style of which that I categorize myself to most likely.

New Style, short for New York Style. The name was dubbed by people who live outside of the US because they would see documentaries about dancers that live in New York. Dancers outside of the US wanted to move like the New York dancers, thus created New York Style, or New Style.

From a technical aspect, new style is urban dancing with choreography aspects put into it. It is characterized by hard-hitting moves and isolations. There is a very big relationship between the music and the dancer in New Style. Slow, soft parts require soft and light movements, while hard beats and loud songs require hard-hitting movements and a lot of movement in general. Musicality is very important in New Style, there is not necessarily a count when it comes to dancing New Style. When talking about street dance, which is a root of New Style, Timothy Solomon said that it is based on the crowds reaction. Hearing “ou”, “ah”, “aw”, and “tsi” is considered the dancers “count”.

Some of the best dancers I know, and arguably one of my favorites, are twins and dance duo “Les Twins”. Composed or Larry and Laurent Bourgeois. Dancing since they were about 2, they have taken the world by storm, spreading new style all around the world and showcasing their unique dancing ability. They are my inspiration and considered to be one of the best dancers that had ever lived. Here are some videos showcasing Les Twins talent.

World Of Dance San Diego 2013

Hiphop International 2012

World Of Dance 2012

World Of Dance San Diego 2010


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  1. myk5437

    These dances are very cool, but I’m wondering how you can keep them all straight. I’m not very experienced with breakdancing so its hard for me to see the things that make each style distinct. Did you learn this just from growing up with? Can you look at someone dancing and find the influences? Just like any art, I would imagine that breakdancing has influences from multiple cultural dances. I’ve done some African dance work and I see a bit of that low rhythms movement in some of the break dancing styles. Can you see any of those influences too?

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