LUX Analysis Workshop at Penn State

Prof. Carmen Carmona hosted the LUX Analysis Workshop from June 5 to 9 at Penn State, a week-long event in which >30 physicists from several institutions in the LUX Dark Matter Experiment met at Penn State (with a few more calling in) to discuss the status, plans and techniques for the analysis of LUX data. The workshop focused on training new students and engaging current collaboration members to push forward the analysis of LUX data following the end of the experiment in late 2016. We hope the event was fruitful and fun, and that all visitors enjoyed their stay at Penn State!

New Postdoc: Tim Wendler

Dr. Timothy Wendler has joined the Dark Matter and Neutrino Mass group at Penn State on June 1st, 2017. Dr. Wendler will be working on the Project 8 experiment, which has developed the technique of Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy to measure the endpoint energy of Tritium beta decays, and use it to determine the mass of the neutrino. With a background in designing and operatingĀ of RF hardware for multi-band RADAR systems at NAVAIR, Dr. Wendler will be focusing on the design of the electronics and signal reconstruction techniques for the next phase of the experiments, which seeks to build a large version of the Project 8 prototype and demonstrate the scalability of the technique. Welcome to Project 8 and to Penn State, Tim!