Project 8 Collaboration Meeting at PNNL

Project 8 Collaboration Meeting at Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), March 2018

Penn State’s Dr. Tim Wendler is at the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) this week, attending the Collaboration Meeting of Project 8, a experiment that aims to measure the neutrino mass using novel cyclotron radiation detection techniques. He is working with our colleagues in Project 8 in understanding our detector and data, and planning the next stages of the experiment!

New Lab Ready – Davey 019

Dr. David Woodward and Prof. Carmen Carmona in the new lab for the LUX/LZ dark matter experiments at Penn State, Davey 019.

Our group has been assigned two labs at Penn State, and the second one is finally ready! Right across our first lab in Davey 012, the new lab in Davey 019 has a much larger footprint (>90 m²), and features a cleanroom (~15 m², with fume hood), 1-tonne crane, and a pit for deploying a cryostat cooled with a thermosyphon cryogenic system. The first lab will be dedicated to the development of electronics and the Project 8 neutrino mass experiment, while the second lab will be dedicated to cryogenics and other hardware for the LZ dark matter detection experiment.