David elected the new LUX Analysis Coordinator

Dr. David Woodward

Congratulations to Dr. David Woodward in being elected the new Analysis Coordinator for the LUX Dark Matter Experiment!

LUX has completed its science run and was disassembled in 2017.  Although its primary mission has been completed (by setting world-leading constraints on Dark Matter cross-section at the time), it has left a rich dataset still being actively mined for new physics.

With the end of operations, the Analysis Coordinator is one of the most important roles in the experiment, as the experiment is now entirely focused on analysis. ¬†Starting on May 2018, he will responsible for leading all analysis efforts, including the organization of meetings, assignment and management of analysis tasks, hosting analysis workshops, reporting results to the collaboration, leading the writing and publication of papers, and ensuring the achievement of the collaboration’s scientific goals!