LUX Analysis Workshop at Penn State 2018

We have just hosted the LUX Analysis Workshop here at Penn State University! The workshop was chaired by Dr. David Woodward, the LUX Analysis Coordinator and postdoc at Penn State, with help from Profs. Carmen Carmona and Luiz de Viveiros.

The LUX Dark Matter experiment has completed its science run and was disassembled in 2017, to make room for the next generation LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Dark Matter detector. Although its primary mission has been completed by setting world-leading constraints on Dark Matter cross-sections at the time, it has left a rich dataset that is still being actively mined for new physics, with Penn State leading the charge!

A look inside the LZ inner cryostat

A peek inside the LZ inner cryostat, before the Time-Projection Chamber (TPC, where the events are actually detected) was installed.