Dark Matter Day 2019

October 31st is International Dark Matter Day!  The Dark Matter and Neutrinos group at Penn State hosted an information booth at the HUB (the main student center in the university), to talk to people about Dark Matter, Cosmology, and Physics in general!  We had quite a number of people stopping by, and some lively discussions! In the spirit of Halloween, we also distributed some chocolate – dark, of course 😉

Below are some pictures of the event, with Profs. Carmen Carmona and Luiz de Viveiros; Dan Kodroff, Gavin Cox, and Andrew Ziegler, graduate students with our group; Rachel Ratvasky and Jake Miller, undergraduate students with our group; and Michael Ryan, graduate student researching Black Holes made of Dark Matter (!) with Prof. Sarah Shandera.


LZ paper on the gamma ray background in the Davis cavern at Sanford Lab

Major milestone: LZ detector moved 1 mile underground!

Dark Matter Day 2019 at Penn State

The Dark Matter and Neutrinos Group at Penn State will be hosting a Dark Matter Day event at the HUB on October 31st, 2019! We will have an information booth at the lobby from 10am to 4pm, to explore the science of dark matter and the experiments looking for it! Speakers include Profs. Carmen Carmona and Luiz de Viveiros, and several graduate students working on Dark Matter detection experiments!

Dark Matter Day GIF
Dark Matter Day Website

Dark Matter Day post about LZ

Assembly of the “heart” of LZ completed!

Th LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Collaboration has finished putting together the Time-Projection Chamber, the ‘heart’ of the LZ dark matter detector.  The TPC is very complex system, and it’s a major achievement to have it fully assembled:

LZ TPC Completed

Neutrino Day 2019

The Penn State group participates in the Neutrino Day 2019!

Neutrino Day is the science festival organized by the Sanford Laboratory in Lead, SD, where the LZ dark matter detector is located.  Penn State graduate students Dan Kodroff and Gavin Cox volunteered to help with the festival, hosting a booth to explain the some cosmology and dark matter to visitors!

More pictures:

Penn State Grad Student Dan Kodroff at Neutrino Day 2019, in Lead, SD (1)