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Quinta do Roxo cottage

Quinta do Roxo cottage

Val and I returned to Paso Robles again this year during the first week of March. One reason I wanted to come back, a big reason, was to revisit our precious rental cottage Quinta do Roxo. It’s owners, who make Roxo port, have restored it lovingly. It has a great kitchen, and is just a five-block walk from downtown.

We came on a mission: to find her a special ring. We found it 20 miles down the road at a special jeweler in San Luis Obispo.

One of many vineyard views along our cycling routes on the west side of Paso.

One of many vineyard views along Adelaide Road on the west side of Paso.

That left plenty of time for outings, including two bike rides, some tennis at a local park, and kayaking in Morro Bay.

Our first ride was a hilly 35-mile loop up Nacimiento Road, clear out to Justin Winery, and back on challenging Peachey Canyon Road. For the second ride, a 27-mile version of roughly the same route, I got smarter. I rode clockwise this time, dispensing with Peachey Canyon at the outset instead of when I was tired.

Kayak view of Morro Rock, Morrow Bay CA

Kayak view of Morro Rock, Morrow Bay CA

Of course we made time to visit wineries. Most memorable were J. Lohr, Turley, Adelaida, and especially Doau. Every bit as delightful was Pasolivo Tasting Room and Olive Mill, where we sampled delectable olive oils.

As soon as I returned home I set about booking Quinta do Roxo for the same week in 2016.What a disappointment to find that the owners had removed it from the rental pool! Ah well, Quercus Acorn Cottage looks to be just as nice, and it’s only a block away.

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