esri badge-1At Esri I lead a small education outreach team. Though I’ve only been with the company since 2011, the education team has been around since 1992. Our job is to cultivate the next generation of GIS users and spatial thinkers. To that end we encourage and enable use of Esri technology for teaching and learning, research, and campus administration in higher education, schools, and informal education settings. Esri has about 10,000 education customers worldwide. Our primary education market is higher education, where over 90 percent of the top 400 institutions (as ranked by the Times of London) license Esri software, and about 70 percent maintain Esri site licenses. The most interesting aspects of my job include:

  1. Working with publishers and Esri business partners to integrate web mapping into the next generation of digital textbooks;
  2. Helping to design and create an open online course that showcases the spatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS Online; and
  3. Visiting and sharing thoughts with educators at higher education institutions.

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That third item involves a fair bit of travel. The thumbnail at left is linked to a “story map” of one of my business trips. From September 20 through October 2, 2013 I met with representatives of seven leading Australian universities and one TAFE (comparable to the American community college system). A representative of Esri Australia accompanied me at each stop. I also met with Esri Australia staff at their headquarters in Brisbane to discuss education strategy.

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