Care Package Wish List


Below is a list of items most requested by our currently deployed troops. A donation of any of these items is greatly appreciated. If you or your organization would like to work with us to organize any type of item drive, we would also gladly work with you to do so. Please contact us at to donate any care package items or to organize an item drive.


Beef jerky     Sunscreen     Antibacterial wipes     Cooling bandanas     Hard candy    
Instant soup     Chapstick     Insect repellant     Chocolate candy     Eye drops     Slim jims
Cough/cold medicine     Plain black sunglasses     Sand scarf     Cookies     Crackers
Advil/Tylenol     Toothbrush     Toothpaste     Frisbee     Nerfballs     Chex mix
Body wash     Beach toys     Nuts     Trail mix     Shampoo     Conditioner    Playing cards
Electronic games     Dental floss     Chips     Mouthwash     AT&T Itn’l phone cards
Salsa     Gum     Popcorn     Bar soap     Laundry soap     Boot inserts     CDs     DVDs
Books     Magazines     Silly putty     Cotton balls     Breath mints     Q-tips     Hacky sack
Hand sanitizer     Dried fruit     Canned Fruit     Aftershave lotion     Water guns     Cologne
Granola     Cereal bars     Feminine hygiene     Beach balls     Envelopes     Paper     Towels
Dry cereal     Tuna packs     Brushes     Combs     Sewing kits     Small mirrors     Nail file
Chicken packs     Spices     Hair spray     Wash cloths     Hair ties/clips     Condiments
Summer sausage     Snack cakes     Nail clippers     Body/foot powder     Small flashlights
Book lights     Easy Mac     Body lotion     Disposable cameras     Batteries     Kleenex
Sunflower seeds     Toilet paper     Instant coffee     Nasal spray     Ziploc bags     Tea bags
Hot chocolate mix     Antacids     Cigarettes     Gatorade powder mix   Word puzzles
Propel powder mix     Underwear    Chewing tobacco     Boot socks (brown, black)
Kool Aid     Travel-size games     Ankle socks (white)     Easy Cheese (non-aero)     Pudding
Undershirts     Mister bottles     Plastic silverware     Workout supplements     Gloves
Disposable razors     Instant oatmeal     Ramen noodles     Shave gel (non-aero)     Ragu
Grits     Beanies (green, black, brown, tan)     Protein bars     Religious materials