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Keyword Essay Outline

I. Introductory Paragraph: Beauty, a subjective concept, has become the center of attention in media and social interaction. The sole concentration on appearance is transforming our daily actions and thoughts as people spend more time looking in the mirror or at pictures of themselves. Kids are growing up with the influence of self portraits and cameras along with bullies who might pick on someone who looks different.
A. Hook: Society’s emphasis on appearance is driving people to get cosmetic surgeries in order to cover up what they believe to be “imperfections”.
B. Background Information: Plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Mendelson from Melbourne, Australia, states “surgery should leave you feeling more confident and with greater zest in your daily life”. On the contrary, confidence is not solely reliant on appearance, nor does it include the perception and judgment of ones own features.
C. Thesis Statement: Although reconstruction after life threatening events may be necessary for functional purposes, the use of cosmetic surgery to correct a non-critical physical structure of the body is detrimental to the confidence and finances of the patients, and can cause serious health complications.
Topic: Detrimental affects of plastic surgery.
Purpose: To emphasis the negative aspects of receive such a surgery.
Subtopic #1: Impact on confidence
Subtopic #2: Finances
Subtopic #3: Serious health complications
II. Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #1)
A. Topic: Cosmetics surgeries impact on confidence
B. Supporting detail: Definition of confidence

         1) Definition provided by Merriam Webster Dictionary: “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something”
         2) If one is dependent on their looks alone to progress to the next level of achievement they will not get very far in comparison to those who are educated and have prior experiences.
C. Supporting detail: Confidence should rely on happiness and successes.
D. Supporting detail: Confidence is not the dimensions of features, but how they are presented.
          1) When people are proud of their natural beauty they become more confident rather than self conscious.
2) When people start to appreciate the body they were born with then it is possible to regain the our self-respect.
E. Concluding or transitional: Cosmetic surgery takes away our confidence  which is essential to our self-respect, success, and happiness with out it we are worse off.
III. Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #2)
A. Topic: Cosmetic surgeries impact on finances.

B. Supporting detail: It expensive
C. Supporting detail: The Huffington post says “the economic value of beauty totals approximately $230,000 over the course of a lifetime. ”
D. Supporting detail: Recovery and maintenance are not accounted for in the original price.

E. Concluding or transitional: The costs of plastic surgery out weighs the benefits.

IV. Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #3)
A. Topic: Serious health complications

B. Supporting detail: Near death experiences
C. Supporting detail: Fluid build up
D. Supporting detail: You can never go back to original appearance after you get a surgery.

E. Concluding or transitional: With these serious health complications, Plastic surgery can impact your life for the worse.V. Conclusion Paragraph
A. Summary of main points: Plastic surgery falsely busts artificial confidence and costs a lot of money.

B. Emphasize message as a whole: Even though there might be health reasons that justify some surgeries, procedures done for pure self satisfaction in appearance should not be appropriate. The lack of appreciation for our natural bodies is evident in our willingness to change them.

C. Lead to related thinking or action: If society finds it socially acceptable now to alter our bodies to this degree what will they look like in 20 years? Will they get to a degree parallel to that in the dystopian society of the series Uglies by Scott Westerfield?

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