Prosper V. Poukouta (1994)

Current Position: Senior Advisor to the Vice President, Corporate Service. African Development Bank. Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Brief Bio : Post doc with DHS in 1995/96; then with the Pop Council’s African Population and Health Research Center in Nairobi in 1996/97. Worked on the Analysis of fertility transition (Kenya, Botswana), then on Urban Poverty and Adolescent Reproductive Health. Joined the African Development in July 1997 Bank as a Population Expert with the Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development Unit. In tandem with the Population and Development Program of the UNFPA (Africa Region) developed training modules on the Integration of population and environment issues in the ADB’s projects and programs. Joined UNFPA as Senior Program Advisor, Population and Development, Africa Region, from 2005 to 2007. Returned to ADB in June 2007. Currently Senior Advisor to the Vice-President, Corporate Services (a complex responsible for HR, IT and General services and Institutional Procurement). Currently not involved in demographic research. Advisory role, development of strategy and policy documents on development related issues; participate in consultations for the replenishment of Bank’s resources (core and bilateral funding)


Contact– Email: ; Tel +225 01 57 67 67 / +225 20 26 22 24


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