David Rain (1997)


Current Position: Associate Professor of Geography and International Affairs, The George Washington University

Brief Bio: My primary area of research is in investigating the role of place, operationalized mainly as one’s living environment, on health outcomes.  I have worked off and on since 1998 in Ghana to create geospatial capacity in part to answer questions about the role of residential and work locations in exposing people to environmental risks. As a part of the research in Accra, the capital of Ghana, I and a group of colleagues and graduate students mapped all the neighborhood boundaries for Accra and conducted focus groups on community conditions that could influence health outcomes. This work dovetailed with a large Accra Women’s Health Study which was funded by NIH and ran from 2007-12.  I have also worked to improve capacity in developing georeferenced census data around the world. In 2009 I was the author of a United Nations publication Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities which aimed to provide technical assistance to developing world statistical agencies.  Currently I am working on a book about “Place Effects” which is based on travel I undertook in the US during my sabbatical in 2011-12.

Webpage: http://geography.columbian.gwu.edu/david-rain

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