Stephen Kotok (2015)

Stephen_KotokProgram and Year of Graduation from Penn State: Ph.D. in Education Theory and Policy with a Minor in Demography

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Foundations at the University of Texas at El Paso

Brief Bio : No more than 150 words of text – ideally answering the following two questions — What is your primary area of research? and, What you are currently working on? My research focuses on the extent that school characteristics either constrain or expand educational opportunities for minority and low-income students.  Specifically areas of interests include school segregation, school climate, charter schools, and course tracking. My research has been published in several national journals including Educational Policy, American Journal of Education, and Peabody Journal of Education. Additionally, I have produced reports on Pennsylvania school enrollment trends for the Civil Rights Project at UCLA and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.  Currently, I am conducting several research projects including 1) an examination of school open enrollment policies in the El Paso region as well as 2) continuing work with the national dataset, High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 to analyze how school and community contexts influence academic outcomes.

Demography at Penn State: The Demography Program provided me a new set of skills and perspectives that greatly enhanced my research. I was even able to publish papers that I began in Dr. Van Hook and Dr. Lee’s courses.