Elizabeth (Beth) Gifford (2005)


Current Position: Director of Program Evaluation Services & Research Scientist at the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University

Brief Bio: My current area of research examines the quality and effectiveness of programs, polices, and practices aimed at improving the wellbeing of vulnerable children and families.  My current projects include: (1) examining the intergenerational effects of parental participation in drug treatment courts on children’s well-being; (2) examining the effects of collaboration between criminal and social service agencies on child maltreatment; (3) developing and evaluating an Early Truancy Prevention Program; and (4) evaluating systems change efforts of the America’s Promise Alliance GradNation Campaign.

Penn State’s Demography Program: The Demography program provided valuable exposure to mentors, to cutting edge statistical methods and to powerful computing resources.  These resources provided me with opportunities to gain skills that would allow me to work on and lead many different types of research and evaluation projects.

Weblink: http://fds.duke.edu/db/Sanford/ccfp/beth.gifford



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