Tera (Hurt) Jordan (2005)

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Current Position: Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University

Brief bio: I teach courses on family communication, advanced qualitative methods, and mixed methods. My research program reflects community-based studies, health-focused intervention programming, and Black samples. I draw on this skill base to study two areas: (a) marriage and intimate relationships and (b) type-2 diabetes prevention and management.

Penn State University Demography Program: I have very fond memories of my years in training in the Demography program. All of the resources that were available (e.g., highly-productive faculty, well-designed courses, library, statistical and methodological support, diverse graduate student body) helped me to be the scholar that I am today. It was a first-rate educational experience!

Web page: http://www.hs.iastate.edu/directory/profile.php?u=trh

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