Alisha Coleman-Jensen (2009)

Alisha Coleman-Jensen

Current Position:  Sociologist, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Brief Bio: Alisha Coleman-Jensen is a sociologist with the Food Assistance Branch of USDA’s Economic Research Service. Her research focuses on the measurement and determinants of household food security in the U.S. and on assessing relationships between food security and nutrition assistance programs. She is the lead author of USDA’s annual report on household food security in the U.S. Recent published work examined food insecurity in households with working-age adults with disabilities, the relationship between food prices and food security for SNAP participants, and changes in U.S. food security related to unemployment, inflation and the price of food.

Penn State’s Demography Program: The program provided training in quantitative survey research methods that is essential for my research. PRI and Demography’s monetary support for students to attend conferences enabled me to begin presenting my research early in my career.





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