Prem Bhandari (2006)


Current Position: Assistant Research Scientist, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan

Brief Bio: I am a Rural Sociologist and Demographer with a background in natural resources and demography, with a focus on the socioeconomic and cultural determinants of migration, fertility, and population health in developing countries. Specifically, my research focuses on the use of labor-saving farm technology and its impact on demographic behaviors such as human fertility and migration in rapidly changing rural agrarian societies. Other research areas of interest include population and environment relationships, sociology of agriculture, rural social change, and social research methods. Currently, I am involved in the design and implementation of various research and training programs in Nepal, which includes data collection, data management and analysis of survey data. I am also involved in offering short courses in survey data analysis and introduction to survey research in the South Asia region.

Penn State’s Demography Program: I have been fortunate to be a student of the dual title degree program in Demography at Penn State that has equipped me with knowledge and skills to handle research programs with high degree of confidence.


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