Yoshimi Chitose (1996)

Yoshimi Chitose

Current Position: Senior Researcher, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan

Research interests: migration (international migration, internal migration, adaptation process of immigrant children in Japan, the second generation children), and family studies (intergenerational relationship.

Currently, I am preparing for a survey targeted at Brazilian residents in Iwata-city, Shizuoka prefecture (Brazilians are concentrated in this area), in order to understand their family structure, support relationship, relationship with their neighbors (including Japanese as well as Brazilians) and children’s schooling. In area of family studies, I am interested in intergenerational relationship especially the association between support relationship and geographical distance between the younger generation and older generation.

Penn State’s Demography Program: I am very grateful for the dual-degree program at the PSU for the training they provided me in both demography and rural sociology. Although the course works were hard, I realized that the programs offered at the PSU and faculties are very high in quality.

Weblink:  http://www.ipss.go.jp/index-e.asp


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