Matthew Marlay (2008)

Current Position: Assistant Survey Director for Content and Evaluation, Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), U.S. Census Bureau

Brief Bio: As the SIPP’s Assistant Survey Director for Content and Evaluation, I am responsible for both formulating and executing the program of research that the survey team undertakes.  We are mostly focused on evaluating the SIPP’s metadata and paradata — interview timers, contact history attempts, help screen calls, interviewer evaluations, interviewer notes, interview recordings, etc.  My most recent work has focused on the effectiveness of respondent incentives in the 2014 data collection and analyzing results from the certification test that we administer to interviewers at the end of their training.

Penn State’s Demography program: Penn State’s Demography program was excellent training for the kind of work we do at the Census Bureau.  On a daily basis I use both the quantitative skills and the sociological schools of thought that I learned while at Penn State.


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