Stefan Hrafn Jonsson (2009)


Current Position: Associate professor of sociology, University of Iceland and Researcher at the Directorate of Health Iceland.

Brief Bio: After leaving University Park in 2002 I spent a year at a small research firm conducting youth research, the next year in marketing research. Then I worked six years at the Icelandic Public Health Institute, soon as the director of the research division. In 2011 I started full time work at the University of Iceland. I teach statistics, methods and demography at the Sociology department. My research areas are within methods, public health, oral health, inequality, social determinants of health, youth research, and people’s perception of democracy. The past few years I have been PI for several local and international research projects. I have worked a lot on data collection and survey administration. Currently I am writing an article on health inequality before and after the economic collapse in Iceland 2008.

Penn State’s Demography Program: I really enjoyed the time at Penn State, and the PSU demography program has been very beneficial for my career.

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