Adam Lippert (2013)


Current Position: Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar – Harvard University

Brief Bio: Dr. Lippert is a sociologist and demographer interested in the social and contextual determinants of poor health. His current work examines the factors that lead adolescents into and out of disadvantaged communities as they enter adulthood, and how prolonged contact with low-income contexts shapes the risk for outcomes such as obesity, smoking, and mortality.  Recent studies of his are featured in Social Science & Medicine, Sociological Inquiry, American Journal of Health Promotion, and American Journal of Epidemiology. 


Penn State’s Demography Program: As a graduate student, Dr. Lippert learned a host of quantitative skills and diverse perspectives on population health research that serve him well today.  The unparalleled support and training offered by the Penn State Demography Program has provided him with the training and skills needed to excel in today’s competitive job market.

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