Luis A. Sanchez (2013)

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University Channel Islands

Brief Bio: My primary areas of research include immigration and immigrant assimilation. My current work focuses on immigrant homeownership and how housing tenure differs between traditional and emerging immigrant gateways.  This work also considers how homeownership rates vary across immigrant generations.  In addition, I have emerging interests in examining the rapidly growing Salvadoran and Guatemalan populations in the United States.

Penn State’s Demography Program: I am extremely grateful for the training I received as a dual-degree student in Sociology and Demography.  I was able to take advantage of a wide array of course offerings (both substantive and methodological) which helped to prepare me for where I am today as a teacher and scholar. In addition, the various workshops offered exposed me to new skills and techniques that I might not have been exposed to in classes.

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