Bridget Gorman (2000)


Current Position: Professor and Chair of Sociology, Rice University

Brief Bio:  During her career Bridget has organized her research efforts to examine disparities in morbidity, physical functioning, and medical care use across major U.S. demographic groups – particularly racial/ethnic, nativity, and gender groups.  This began as a graduate student in Penn State’s demography program, where she worked on projects that explored how nativity and race/ethnicity shaped child health outcomes, as well as how childhood social circumstances influenced later-life mortality risk.

Current projects include (1) examining how gender and ethnic identity intersect to pattern mental and physical health outcomes, and medical care use, among Latino and Asian adults; (2) the construction and analysis of a large, probability-based sample of sexual minority adults, with a series of papers in-progress examining how sexual orientation relates to physical well-being across gender and racial/ethnic groups; and (3) she is co-PI on a mixed-method data collection project that is underway in Mexico, aimed at assessing how U.S. migration experience relates to gender differences in physical and mental health.


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