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About Stephen A. Matthews

My research interests focus on the connections between people and places. An important part of my work is an interest in conceptual and methodological issues associated with how neighborhoods are defined and their attributes are measured, and the relevance of these definitions and measures to individual behavior and demographic and health outcomes. I have a longstanding interest in spatial demography and the use of spatial concepts, measures and methods to study population health and spatial inequality. Recent publications have focused on physical activity, diet and obesity, residential segregation, neighborhood change, access to health care, health care distrust, cancer screening, infant mortality, mortality, alcohol outlets, crime/victimization and religious landscapes.

About the Graduate Program in Demography

Director: Stephen A. Matthews (E-mail:

Penn State has a nationally-recognized Dual-Degree Demography Training Program.

This page provides valuable links to information for current students and for prospective students interested in applying.* Using the horizontal menu option above, you can click on links that will allow you to view alumni profiles, the Brochure describing the program and course content, recent course offerings, and information on and for our currently enrolled dual degree students (including annual reports of their individual and collective achievements).

Friends of the program can also find out how to provide donations to support the training of our students.

* Students must be first admitted by a “home” department at Penn State (e.g., Sociology, Anthropology, etc.) before they can apply to join the Demography program.

For information about the online Certificate and Masters of Professional Service in Applied Demography see and the program’s brochure at applied-demography-brochure