Fall 2014

Demography Program – Fall 2014

1: Required 1-credit Course: 1
2: Survey Courses: 0
3: Methods Courses: 2
4: Demographic Process Seminars: 1
5: Elective Seminars in Population Studies: 4

1. Required 1-credit Course (required of all students still doing coursework)

Demography 590: Demography Colloquium Thursday 12.00pm-12.55pm (Willard 358) Stephen Matthews

2. Discipline Survey Courses

Anthropology 408: Anthropological Demography – canceled

3: Demographic Methods

Sociology 573: Demographic Techniques (a required course for the MA and PhD) Tu & Th 9.45am-11.00am (406 Oswald)
Jenny Van Hook

HDFS 517: Multivariate Study of Change and Human Development Tu & Th 1.090pm-2.15pm (117 Henderson)
Bo Cleveland

4: Demographic Process Seminars

Sociology 597D: Immigration, Family, and Health Th 1.25pm-4.25pm (212 Oswald)
Nancy Landale

5: Elective Population Studies Seminars

AEREC 550: International Economic Development and Agriculture Tu & Th 9.45am-11.00am (Room: TBA)
Instructor: TBA

EDUC, TH & POL: 516: Education and Demographic Change in the US and Abroad M 2.30pm-5.50pm (303 Rackley Building)
Suet-ling Pong

HDFS 525: Introduction to Family Studies Wed 9.00am-12.00pm (101 HHD East) David Eggebeen

R SOC 597D: Population and Environment W 9.45am-12.45pm
Shannon Monnat


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