Fall 2015

Demography Program – Fall 2015

As of April 9, 2015 there are TWELVE 3-credit “Demography” courses plus 1 credit DEMOG 590 listed at the website http://schedule.psu.edu. The twelve 3-credit courses are divided up into the different components of the training program below; first in an aggregate list and then in a disaggregated listing by course number/title/instructor/time/room (if known).

1: Required 1-credit course (DEMOG 590): 1

2: Survey Courses: 2

3: Methods Courses: 3

4: Demographic Process Seminars: 1

5: Elective Seminars in Population Studies: 6

6: Individual Studies: By appointment


1: Required 1-credit Course

DEMOG 590: Demography Colloquium, Stephen Matthews, R 1200pm-12.55pm, 358 Willard

2: Discipline Survey Courses

ANTH 408: Anthropological Demography, Jim Wood, T R 4.15pm-5.30pm, 107 Carpenter

SOC 423: Social Demography, Kevin Thomas, T R 4.15pm-5.30pm, 124 Thomas Building

3: Demographic Methods Courses

HD FS 517: Multivariate Study of Change and Human Development, T R 1.00pm-2.15pm

SOC 573: Demographic Techniques, Jennifer Van Hook, T R 9.45am-11.00am, 406 Oswald

SOC 579/ANTH579: Spatial Demography, Stephen Matthews, T R 2.30pm-3.45pm, 134 Cedar Building

4: Demographic Process Courses

SOC 526: Health Disparities, Steve Haas, T 9.00am-12.00pm, 212 Oswald Tower

5: Seminars in Population Studies

AEREC 550: International Economic Development and Agriculture, T R 9.45am-11.00am, 252 Ag Engineering

ANTH 575: Population, Food, and Traditional Farming, Jim Wood, T R 1.00pm-2.15pm, 409 Carpenter

HD FS 525: Introduction to Family Studies, W 9.00am-12.00pm

SOC 527: Migration, Urbanization and Policy in the Developing World, Kevin Thomas, T R 2.30pm-3.45pm, 167 Willard.

SOC 530: Sociology of Family, Valarie King M 9.05-12.05pm, 212 Oswald Tower

SOC 597E: Education and World Health, David Baker, M 1.25am -4.25pm, 406 Oswald Tower

6: Individual Studies

DEMOG 596: Individual Studies, By appointment


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