Demography 590 (Fall 2016)

The syllabus for Fall 2016 will be posted by August 22, 2016

DEMOG 590 (Required every Fall prior to taking comps and/or course work completion): Graduate students in the Demography Program are expected to enrol in Demography 590 every Fall until they have completed all required departmental and demography coursework and have taken their comprehensive exams. Students taking their comps during the Fall semester and who have otherwise completed all course work can request a waiver.

Scheduling conflict with DEMOG 590:  If there is a scheduling conflict between one of your courses and DEMOG 590 you are advised to enroll in DEMOG 590 (see Sondra Morrison in Sociology 2nd Floor help with this process due to the ‘conflict’). You will not be expected to attend DEMOG 590 but rather you will complete an alternative option. The most common option has been to complete four, 1-2 page summaries of demography related talks (i.e., PRI Brown Bag talks, DeJong lecture, Clogg lecture, National Family Symposium, etc.). Occasionally students have written summaries of published articles (published within the past 12 months in Demography, PRPR, or other leading “demography” journal). These short reports are submitted to Stephen Matthews ( Another option has been to take a 1-credit statistical programming class (in stata or SAS) in lieu of DEMOG 590. If you chose the 1-credit programming option please let Stephen Matthews so that he can confirm your compliance with the Grad School regarding Demography requirements.