Spring 2021 (as of 10/15/20)

Spring 2021

DEMOG 590 Demography Colloquium Thurs 12.05pm-1.20pm

ANTH 559 Human Ecology Tues & Thurs 10.35am-11.50am

EDTHP 516 Education and Demographic Change Tues 11.15am-2.15pm

HDFS 517 Multilevel Methods for Developmental Research Tues & Thurs 9.05am-10.20am

RSOC 597 Spatial Analysis Mon 2.30pm-5.30pm

SOC 423 Social Demography Wednesday 600pm-900pm

SOC 522 Demography of the Life Course Mon 230pm-530pm

SOC 577 – Techniques of Event History Modeling Tues 8.00am-11.00am

SOC 597 Population, Gender in Africa Wed 8.00am-11.00am


And possibly …

HDFS 527 Social Epidemiology Thurs 11.15am-2.15pm


APDEM (online courses include). Their status vis-a-vis the residential program is not clear at this time.

APDEM 804 Business Demography

APDEM 806 Applied Demography and Health

SOC 579 Spatial Demography