Spring 2017

Demography Courses Spring 2017

Spring 2017
1: Required 1-credit Course (not offered in Spring semester)

2: Discipline Survey Courses
SOC 423: Social Demography (canceled)

3: Demographic Methods Courses
SOC 577: Event History Analysis
SOC 578: Multilevel modeling

4: Demographic Process Courses
RSOC 525: Fertility, Population Change and Development

5: Seminars in Population Studies
RSOC 516: Social Change in Rural America
SOC 597: Education and Demographic Change
SOC 597: Migration and Family Wellbeing
SOC 597: Demography and Family Policy
SOC 597: Demography and Inequality

6: Individual Studies
DEMOG 596: Individual Studies with a Demography Faculty member, by appointment
(contact Stephen Matthews)