New Faculty 2015-2018

We have added 13 new faculty (listed below) to the Demography Training Program since summer 2017.

Added in 2017 & 2018

Yubraj Acharya (Assistant Professor) – Health Policy Administration
Katerina Bodovski (Associate Professor) – Education
Soo-young Byun (Associate Professor) – Education
Diane Felmlee (Professor) – Sociology
Derek Kreager (Professor) – Sociology
Laszlo Kulcsar (Professor) – Rural Sociology
Douglas Kennett (Professor) – Anthropology
Paul Morgan (Professor) – Education
Asher Rosinger (Assistant Professor) – Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology
Mary Shenk (Associate Professor) – Anthropology
Jeremy Staff (Professor) – Sociology
Alexis Santos (Assistant Professor) – HDFS
Ann Tickamyer (Professor) – Rural Sociology

A list of recent hires (2015-2018) who are Demography faculty includes

Guangqing Chi (Associate Professor) – Agricultural Economics, Sociology & Education
Jonathan (JD) Daw (Assistant Professor) – Sociology
Jennifer Glick (Professor) – Sociology
Lying Luo (Assistant Professor) – Sociology
Brian Thiede (Assistant Professor) – Agricultural Economics, Sociology & Education
Ashton Verdery (Assistant Professor) – Sociology
Scott Yabiku (Professor) – Sociology

Other faculty already at Penn State that were recently added to the dual-degree program include:

David Almeida (Professor) – HDFS
David Baker (Professor) – Sociology & Education
Mayra Bamaca-Colbert (Associate Professor) – HDFS
H. Harrington (Bo) Cleveland (Professor) – HDFS
Sarah Damaske (Associate Professor) – Labor and Employment Relations
Erica Frankenberg (Associate Professor) – Education
Susan McHale (Professor) – HDFS
Nilam Ram (Professor) – HDFS


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