Accomplishments by Demography Graduate Students

Every year a report is prepared for the Dean of the Graduate School at Penn State that documents the accomplishments of the graduate students in the Graduate Program in Demography. These annual report are assembled only from the information received in response to a survey of the graduate students that occurs during late Spring semester of each year. The most recent report and past reports can be found at the links below.

Graduate Student Accomplishments (Annual Reports to the Dean of the Grad School)

2018-2019 Report Annual_Report_2018-2019_Demography_Program 

2017-2018 Report Annual_Report_2017-2018_Demography_Program-qdrlvm

2016-2017 Report  Annual_Report_2016-2017_Demography_Program_060917_

2015-2016 Report Annual_Report_2015-2016_Demography_Program_071816

2014-2015 Report Appendix A: Annual_Report_2014-2015_Demography_Program_v0.5

2013-2014 Report Appendix_B_Graduate_Program_in_Demography_Annual_Report_June_30_2014_SAM



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