Nanotechnology is the technology which is based on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules to build structures to complex atomic specifications. When nanotechnology would be incorporated with design, it will make design the most important part of any development process. If nanotechnology is possible, the cost of products (manufacturing, raw materials, labor) would drop to almost nothing. Though nanotechnology would increase the amount of work due to its complexity, but it aims to make the design process important and give designers the power to enact positive change.

The next question would be that what can nanotechnology provide? Nanotechnology being one of the most interesting fields of science and technology allows scientists to observe, touch, design, fabricate matter as small as atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology creates new materials and devices for use in a variety of applications, including physical science, medicine, electronics, and etc. It will provide engineers opportunities to explore challenges such as how to get objects into space efficiently, how to control material properties, identify the materials to be used for a particular application, etc.

Nanotechnology would benefit four specific areas through its use. It would collaborate a variety of diverse scientists and engineers to support research and development to meet national challenges. It gives a modelling network or multidisciplinary intellectual collaboration that effectively couples experimental basic research, modeling, and applications development. It would effectively enable application of models and knowledge to nano materials design. Lastly provide a data and information infrastructure to support data sharing, collaboration, and innovations across disciplines and applications.






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  1. Richard

    You seem very distant from the subjects that you write about. I have taught courses about the design of nanotechnology and get little from this. There rare a least a dozen great sites on nanotechnology but you only found one – The first is just one persons extended blog with a few classic references, neither it or the second URL should have been used

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