Unexpected Study Tips


Its finally the end of the semester!

While the end of the semester is an exciting time, its also filled with stress over final projects, presentations and exams. Finals week is quickly approaching and we can all use some study tips that are a little more exciting than sitting inside the library for hours. Buzzfeed recently posted an article called “17 Unexpected Studying Hacks”. I will not comment on all 17 of the tips, but will talk about the ones that I have found to be the most helpful.

The Tips

  1. Spray an unfamiliar scent while you study.

How many times do you smell a certain scent that reminds you of something from your past? It works for studying too! While you are studying, spray a scent, use a scented hand lotion, or light a scented candle that you have not used before. Then, use that same scent right before your exam to jog your memory.

2. Listen to calming music.

I have heard this tip before and honestly, I thought it was kind of weird. Then one day I decided to try it out and started listening to classical music while I studied. Now I can’t study without it and my grades have actually improved! My favorite music to listen to is the Classical for Studying Pandora station.

3. Hand write your notes.

It is proven that writing down notes during class helps with information retention later on. If your professor speaks too quickly, feel free to type your notes – but be sure to hand write them later. Writing in different colored pens also helps, and brightens up your studying!


Hopefully these tips are helpful during these last few weeks of school. Good luck and happy studying!




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