What is beauty? It is a hard question that people answer in many different ways. According to Google, beauty is defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” I would have to agree with this definition, as I think beauty is something that is external and physical and shouldn’t be used  to define someone’s character. Beauty is based strictly on appearance, so that is what I want my blog to be based around.

Society has defined beauty as anything youthful. The youth has all qualities that most people strive for. We find ourselves constantly trying to find different products that will give us things like smooth skin and strong healthy hair. Companies make it their duty to create these products for consumers.

Of course there are different aesthetics, so everyone has a different way to express a specific style. The goal of this blog isn’t to show the perfect way to do something. It is rather more based on the different products and techniques to use that will help people achieve a good foundation that they can enhance in any way they like. So each post is going to be heavily focused on health and the way people should take care of their hair, face, and skin.

I consider myself qualified to make a blog on beauty because it is something  that I have been passionate about since the eighth grade. I became so obsessed with makeup, natural hair care, and skincare that I would spend countless hours researching the best products and techniques to achieve the look I desired. I have perfected my craft and I am now able to advise other people who are interested in the same thing.

My infatuation with beauty is not only a hobby, but something that I want to focus my career around. I plan on becoming a cosmetic chemist who will create personal care products that are healthy and safe for consumers and environmentally friendly. As I go behind the scenes in the beauty industry, I will learn more about my passion. I believe my knowledge given in each post can help someone perfect his or her appearance so that he or she can feel beautiful.



  1. I also don’t use makeup very often, so I’m excited to see where this goes and give comments from the perspective of someone who has much to learn. Good job on making it clear how you plan to develop your blog in the future. Visuals would definitely be a plus, although I can understand that this is only the first post, so there aren’t really pictures to post yet. Other than that, good job!

  2. Beauty is something that everyone subconsciously strives toward. Most commonly for external beauty. People will spend hundreds of dollars in their lifetimes trying to become society’s definition of beautiful, so I definitely think it’s an important subject. I look forward to seeing how you link your major and beauty.. I honestly think that’s super cool! Also, I look forward to learning more techniques as I am a total makeup newbie. When you talk technique though, you should probably consider little videos or pictures

  3. ama6560 says:

    Although I do not particularly agree with your definition of beauty, I respect your belief that beauty is external and appreciate your desire to help people attain their own unique style through the use of makeup. I also appreciate how you make clear where the general direction of your future blog posts. I think that it is amazing you are able to connect your chemistry major with your passion for beauty and skin care — it is rare that people are able to do this! I personally do not use too much makeup, so will be intrigued as to where this blog will lead, and ready to use your tips. The only suggestion I have is to use some pictures, which will engage the reader more.

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