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Welcome back! As previously stated, this blog is going to be heavily based on health and what we can do to create a perfect foundation. The best way to achieve this goal is to have the proper skincare routine. The face is a delicate area that can’t be treated like the rest of the body. This post will demonstrate a simple and effective routine that can work on all skin types to keep the face well balanced.

Makeup-for-black-women-007Everyone knows the input will always equal the output, and the same rule applies with skincare. Before we can even begin to discuss the right techniques and products, we need to consider your internal health. It is essential that you make an effort to drink the correct amount of water everyday. Water hydrates the body and flushes out the many toxins we excrete.

Okay, now that we’ve got the annoying part out of the way, we can actually start talking about the fun stuff, yay! The basic face routine will always start off the same: with a proper face wash. When choosing face wash, you need to ensure that there aren’t too many drying or skin irritating ingredients. Face washes are meant to remove the excess dirt and oils that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day, not strip it of of the natural secretions it creates to keep the skin balanced. I recommend the natural Canadian-based company Lush. They create plant based items that leave the skin feeling soft, clean, and balanced.herbalism-face-cleanser-lush-natural-organic-cosmetics-beauty-review-tlvbirdie-blog

After choosing the right face wash, it is important that you take the correct steps while actually washing your face. Make sure you hands are clean and washed because we don’t want to spread bacteria to the face or wash, which can contaminate the whole sample. Rinse your face with warm, not hot water. This will open the pores so that the face wash can have easier access while extracting dirt. Wash the face for no longer than a minute to avoid over washing, which can also strip the skin. While rinsing the face off, start off with lukewarm water and switch to cold water at the end. This will force the pores to close  so that they aren’t exposed to the environmental toxins. Dry your face with preferably a clean washcloth or paper towel. This assures that no bacteria from your body towel will spread to your new clean face. 

Woman washing face with wash cloth over sink, side view

After the face is clean and dry, we need to tone. Toners rid the skin of any extra dirt the face wash didn’t catch and restores the natural skin pH. I recommend witch hazel for this step. It is a natural remedy that has been used for many years. Some witch hazels partially contain alcohol, which may be too drying for people with normal to dry skin types. Another natural suggestion would be the mixture of one part apple cider vinegar diluted with three parts water.

The final step is moisturizing. There are two big issues I have with this last step. Most people with oily skin feel as if they don’t have to moisturize because they believe it would just make their skin more oily. This is a huge misconception. The skin needs to be moisturized regardless if the person has dry or oily skin. If the face isn’t hydrated, it will produce more oils that will compensate for the moisturization that wasn’t provided. Most people with dry skin will often use products that contain non-absorbing ingredients such as mineral oil and petrolatum. These substances sit on top of the skin, blocking the surface to the rest of the environment, which will causes pores to clog and acne to form. There aren’t many natural moisturizer options, but two of my favorites are aloe vera, more aimed for oily skin, and natural oils that everyone can use. Oils such as jojoba, grapeseed, and rosehip are closely related to the natural oils our face produces. Because of this, the skin will be able to absorb these oils instead of just sitting on the surface. Other moisturizes can be used, but just make sure to read the ingredients list and check for harmful substances.

Next post will be about makeup since we are now masters of skincare. I hope you try this simple effective routine that will result in healthy beautiful skin. 


  1. Holy cow, I had absolutely no idea that I was taking care of my face the wrong way. I really like how truly knowledgable you are about the subject, and how you addressed some of the very common mistakes people make. In fact, I am one of those people that doesn’t moisturize their face for fear that it’ll become even more oily. Now I know what to do. Also, I had no idea that most moisturizers don’t do a good job at actually moisturizing my face. I really liked your explanations; overall, the post was good! Although again, I would like to see pictures.

  2. ama6560 says:

    I really like how you mention all the toxin-free skincare options. It really ties in to all I’ve heard you talk about regarding what you want to do with your major. Your organizational strategy works out very well. I appreciate how you mention the previous blog post in your introduction, as well as make a short statement about what topic the next blog post will cover. I would just like to suggest again that you add some pictures or video to break up the text and make it more attractive for the reader. Great job, and I can’t wait to learn about makeup!

  3. Definitely a good choice to start with the basics. I like that you began with something that people often neglect: skincare. It’s often forgotten or neglected in the beauty regimen. I also like that you clearly defined where you are going next. There were a few grammar errors, but they were few and far between. Other than that, very good! I’m excited to keep reading.

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