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We have all heard the phrase beauty is pain. It is a common thought to believe that beauty has to take so much time and effort, but this isn’t always the case. There are a numerous amount of beauty hacks that can make our processes easier and faster. In this blog post I will share some of my beauty hacks that I have learned over the years.

Acne is something almost ev53a669ba2acc0eryone struggles with. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples are irresistible when it comes to popping, and it’s okay to pop pimples if the right technique is used. You should know that all the sebum and puss rise to the surface a few days after a pimple appears, making it the perfect time to extract. Removing all the dirt and oil from the skin should be done after a shower because the hot water will open the pores, making itcan_popping_pimples_kill_you easier to pop the pimple.

After a pimple is popped, the surrounding area is usually inflamed from all the applied pressure. To reduce the swelling , apply an ice pack to the area. This will also close the pores reducing the exposure to the environment. We want to make sure that we clean the infected area with tea tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial. If you follow these steps, I promise your pimple will be gone the next day.
ultimate-palette-v2Applying makeup requires so many products that people often feel overwhelmed with how many primers, foundations, powders, and shadows they need to create a beat face. One way to reduce the products needed is to use mascara as eyeliner. The mascara product is very similar to gel liner, making it the perfect substitute. Just swipe an eyeliner brush on the wand of the mascara to pick up product and proceed to create your desired eyeliner shape. Another way to get a good use out of a product is to use eyeshadows as different face powders. Since eyeshadows come in so many finishes and colors, they can be used as highlighters, blushes, and contour shades. Usingshavingtips10 one product for multiple applications saves space for other products that are more important, like lipsticks!

Nothing is worse than wanting to go out and show off your smooth legs and realizing you have no shaving cream. Do you dare to dry shave? Do you just put on a pair of jeans instead? Of course you don’t! If you find that you don’t have shaving cream, use conditioner as a replacement. It provides a barrier between the razor and skin and allows the blade to glide easily against the legs. Ever since I used conditioner as shaving cream, I never went back.

Using these hacks will provide great results and make your life so much easier. There are so many other beauty hacks that people from all different backgrounds use. Make sure you pass your beauty secrets down to other people so that we can all enjoy our “beautifying” process much more.

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