Big Government Sucks

Seeing this title, you all may be concerned. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh no, here comes another rant by a racist Republican about how he hates the concept of a “big” government.” However, we need to clarify something first and foremost. I am not a republican. While I demonstrate certain characteristics of a staunch conservative, I can assure you all that I do not definitively fall under this classification. Likewise, I am not a liberal either. Once again, I actually do also demonstrate certain aspects of this classification as well, but will never distinguish myself as a democrat.

The term, “libertarian,” is defined as, “an individual who believes in the doctrine of free will.” In regards to Republicans, they believe in strong free will economically and fiscally, but believe in strict regulation with social issues such as abortion, marriage laws, gun rights, and many more. On the contrary, this concept flips for democrats as they are more open about social issues, but believe the government should have a legitimate say in finances and economics. As a libertarian, I encompass the free will aspects of both parties and distinguish myself as a completely different political party. I’ll be honest, I hate government. I’m not necessarily saying that I want no government, AKA anarchy, (lets be honest, that is so infeasible and impossible to have), but I want a government so small that I can fit it in my pocket!

First, I believe that the government is not necessarily out for our best interests. Anyone who wants to disagree with me on this, look at minority groups throughout history such as Native Americans, Hispanics, and the black community across the country. Being oppressed socially throughout history, these groups turned to the government to aid them the most, only to realize that the government is just as corrupt as the hateful people across this country. Additionally, the government is full of evil and manipulative individuals who are driven and influenced by special interest and direct constituencies. Money runs our government and people honestly are not out to improve their country, but rather, themselves. With career politicians and SuperPACS just to name a few, money plays a huge role in our government and dictates a lot that happens in legislative form.

Furthermore, big government inhibits our potential growth as a nation. So many times, we reference to history and honor the individuals who innovated and revolutionized our society with inventions in technology, travel, infrastructure, and pretty much every other aspect of life as well. ¬†However, with taxes going up as you climb the social ladder, these individuals get robbed for their success, killing incentive to innovate. Now I get it, “these individuals make so much that having them pay more taxes doesn’t make a difference.” However, it’s the gesture and action that doesn’t make sense to me, as the ends don’t justify the means. If I’m going to do well, why should I put my career on the line to innovate, when in essence, I will just get knocked back down the ladder that I fought so hard to climb up. this reminds me of an old adage that sates,”Why rob Peter, just to support Paul?” Our government has the audacity to rob the entire country as a whole and meanwhile, they indulge in useless and unnecessary spending, one of the biggest reasons why we as a nation are just about $20 trillion in debt. This alone leads me to my next point.

For as powerful and equipped with “smart” individuals as the government is, you would think that they would know how to balance a budget. WRONG! Time and time again, even if we are not completely aware, the government spends more than allocated for within our country’s budget. This not only drives up inflation rates but makes us weaker as a nation among other nations.

All in all, we have a problem with the day we are operating nowadays. By being constantly controlled by the Washington Machine that we call “Government”, it almost seems as if the American Dream is possibly dead or even inaccessible. However, with a smaller, less involved, and less controlling government, this all could change. Government is not our key to success but the ball and chain that weighs us down instead. Government does not make Americans’ lives easier, but tougher and more limited. Finally, we must remember moving forward a little quote that Ronald Reagan once said. He stated that, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”


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  1. I agree completely. Gov robs us to support themselves with hookers and private island retreats. The rich folks do that and always have. Trump has done it all his life ! Rich people believe they are untouchable.
    I have a hard time believing in any politician anymore. The only man I ever voted for was Ronald.

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