Call For Papers

The Dark Side of Human-Robot Interaction: Ethical Considerations and Community Guidelines for the Field of HRI
HRI Workshop, Daegu, South Korea, March 11, 2019


Paper submission: January 19, 2019
Acceptance/rejection: February 1, 2019
Final version of papers: February 8, 2019
Registration deadline for accepted papers: February 15, 2019
Symposium: March 11, 2019

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The HRI community is working to develop interactive robots for a wide variety of pro-social tasks and ideals. As such we naturally focus on the positive side of HRI including how robots and humans may collaborate and the benefits of doing so. This workshop, in contrast, will focus on the dark side of HRI with the goal of identifying, understanding and guarding against the potential negative consequences of interactive robots. The primary objective of the workshop is to articulate and discuss the most pertinent ethical issues facing the HRI community and to develop a set of common community guidelines.

Some of the topics that the symposium will cover are:

  • Adversarial robots
  • Malevolent robots
  • Hacked robots
  • Robots providing information to unintended sources.
  • Misrepresentation through robots
  • Tendency of humans to provide sensitive information to robots
  • Tendency of humans to assume automation will work
  • Dark applications
  • Robots’ psychological manipulation of people
  • Human responses to robots’ norm enforcement
  • Unintentional Consequences of Social Robots
  • The downside of explainable robots
  • Unintentional robot actions as threat
  • Unintended consequences of socially interactive robots
  • Social impact of robots on interpersonal relationships
  • Solutions
  • Enforcing/incentivizing good practices
  • Giving humans tools to beat the dark side
  • Public education strategies to inform users of real concerns with social robots

Authors are invited to submit exploratory, position, and work-in-progress papers (4 pages) according to the IEEE template style:

Papers should be submitted via Easychair website:

All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

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Kerstin S. Haring (United States Air Force Academy)
Michael Novitzky (MIT)
Paul Robinette (MIT)
Ewart de Visser (United States Air Force Academy)
Alan Wagner (Pennsylvania State University)
Tom Williams (Colorado School of Mines)