• Iron Fork, San Gabriel River, CA

    Iron Fork, San Gabriel River, CA

  • Mount Lukens, CA

    Mount Lukens, CA

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Welcome to the DiBiase Geomorphology Group at Penn State. We work on a broad range of problems in Earth and planetary surface processes, from the grain scale up to entire mountain ranges.

Our group goals are to advance the science of Earth surface processes, improve the understanding of how our world works, and share the results of this work in a way that ignites the curiosity of future generations of scientists and citizens. Achieving these goals is directly dependent on inviting and supporting a broad range of viewpoints, skill sets, and life experiences into the scientific enterprise.

Our group members aim to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through, for example, undergraduate student mentorship and research engagement, development of accessible virtual field trips, and active involvement with organizations such as the Association for Women Geoscientists. We strive to make our lab a welcoming and supportive environment, and we commit to spending time as a lab discussing how we can combat racism and marginalization.

Roman DiBiase
Rudy Slingerland Early Career Professor
Department of Geosciences
306 Deike Building | University Park, PA | 16802
Phone: 814.865.7388
Email: rdibiase@psu.edu

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