Digital Tool Box

Text Analysis:

Try visualizing text in many different ways:

Try comparing different versions of texts with Juxta:

Try scraping and visualizing data from the web (works great with Wikipedia): 
Try a more basic text analysis tool: 
Try building a concordance:
Try searching millions of books:

Data Visualizations:

Try finding an open dataset:
Try visualizing data in multiple ways: 
Try processing data: 

Audio analysis:

Try visualizing and reading audio files with Sonic Visualizer:
Try making audio documentaries / oral histories with SoundCloud:
Try including annotated audio within websites: 

GIS / Mapping:

Try blending multimedia on a timeline based map: 
Try building annotated maps:
Try a well known mapping platform:
Try ArcGIS for a more in depth approach:

Social Media: 

Try building a multimedia timeline:
Try to compare images: 
Try charting trends in social media: 
Try visualizing Twitter: 



Try to annotate Video:
Try to remix videos: 
Try to make a gif: 
Try to make a compelling short video for a website: 
Try using Creative Commons images:
Try searching with images through reverse image search:


Crowd Sourcing Projects: 

Try editing Wikipedia:
Try participating in a large annotation and GIS project: 
Try supporting a transcription project: 
Try to tag and annotate historical resources:

Website Building:

Try Penn State’s WordPress Install:
Try building an online exhibit: 
Try using a platform like Github pages:
Try using good old HTML: 
Try a CSS Framework: 
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