Is There Blood on Your Hands?

Last week, we talked about Martin Scorsese’s recent film Silence. Matching the intensity of last week will be Edward Zwick’s Blood Diamond. Released in 2006, this film looks at Sierra Leone’s civil war and its ties to the diamond market run through wealthy European buyers. Depicting various divisions like class, race, and age, this movie… Read more Is There Blood on Your Hands?

Silence in Faith

This week, we’re taking the Passion Train (choo choo) down a more serious set of tracks. If you know anything about movies, you know that Martin Scorsese is basically regarded as immortal in the film community. Therefore, his self-proclaimed masterpiece must be equivalent to a cinematic Gospel. Scorsese’s masterpiece Silence is perhaps one of the… Read more Silence in Faith

“I am William Wallace”: A Soul’s Right to Breathe

The past three weeks, I’ve honed the themes of intellect, critical thought, and pride. This week, I’d like to stray away from virtues that lean toward the introspective side of the scale and focus on a film that is absolutely gut-wrenching in more ways than one: Braveheart. I’d wager that upon hearing that title, most… Read more “I am William Wallace”: A Soul’s Right to Breathe