Web Design is most commonly assessed by its User interface (UI) and User experience (UX). The job of the UI is attracting as well as directing a user through the product. If the UI is successful the overall UX will be positive. However, an unsuccessful UI fails to maintain a balanced relationship between aesthetic and function causing an overall negative UX. I plan on creating a website that demonstrates the balance of a UI that is aesthetically pleasing and applying a suitable set of functions for a positive UX.

Rosalind Krause, Sculpture in the Expanded Field

Rosalind Krause, and her article explains the idea of manifestations and the physical entity of the idea. She uses the word Sculpture in a way that indicates all manifestations created are forms of sculpture in its simplest form. However, potential and the idea of the sculpture need a structure best explained through the semiotic square. The article was difficult to interpret but the semiotic square was made in a manner that helped me understand what she was leaning towards in terms of explaining what something actually is when pulled apart and mapped out.

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Bruce Mau introduces a list universal for the vast world of art and design. The list captures the life of an artist in a sense that is relatable to the majority. In addition, to the reliability there is an understanding that the list is subject to manipulation and alterations for the future of art and its artists. The potential for growth in an artist cannot be measured but can be nurtured and this list not only captures growth but gives advice in a way that applies to diverse forms of art.


Foreward introduces the idea of an artist being in control of art before it is actually a manifestation of anything. Art tools are nothing and cannot create anything without an artist being present and in control. “Computers are useless… then again, the same can be said for paintbrushes” this statement is important in its indication that any tool cannot work without someone in control.However, as much as a tool needs an artist there is nothing an artist can create without his/her tools. There is a process necessary in the creative steps to continue or even fathom the idea of moving forward in manifesting art. As time progresses in the art world so does the idea of categorizing certain aspects of art and how it is created and with that there is need for someone to help the general audience analyze and even categorize the constant growing world of art and its new medias.