Make it interesting

This is my take on the Make it Interesting project. I was initially going to make a video on space and a journey through a bit of our history of humans in space but it has been done too many times. After events going on from the previous weeks on our campus I just wanted to take inspiration from a creature that sometimes gets lost in the animal kingdom and give a bit of a rightful homage to its beauty both in a scientific and aesthetic way.

Art History Feminist Project 2

The is my take on the 2nd Art History project. I made my background with some abstract parts to pay homage to (Sophie Taeuber). My subject and character is inspired by Hannah Hoch in her collage style with a bit of feminist political commentary. Finally my words are inspired by Barbara Kruger and her bold red work which is also social commentary. In working on this project I found layering and creating was best. I 1st had to think of a contemporary social issue which is a stigma with public breast feeding. I then made a background both abstract in color to play into Taeubers color palette. The female breastfeeding image was of a women of the village where they understand it is natural.

Fine Dining

Flipbook Animation

This was my odd attempt at a flip book animation. It was all done on as I couldn’t really access Benettonplay but I think it worked out fairly well. I had a pretty fun time making it, the story just came along as I went from page to page. I was all done on my track pad so I know it is laggy and a bit unclean but I really had fun.


This is my take on the Alphabet project. My original plan was to have a very abstract/minimalist theme using Illustrator but I felt that my time was too limited so I began playing with the brush tool. My curiosity and use of the brush tool reminded me of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Brushstroke”. So I decided to make the ALPHABET out of the brush tool and make each letter with a back drop totaling 3-4 hours of work. Leading off of the Roy Lichtenstein theme I needed a background and thought what better than BENDAY DOTS! So I went to Photoshop and made theme by using the Color halftone filter which worked perfectly.